About This Website

This website is intended to be a collaborative effort to share information about Coca-Cola playing cards and assist their collectors. While most of the initial playing cards on the website were provided by the author, I am hoping that if you have cards or a deck or a box or other playing card related memorabilia, you will send me pictures and other information and I will add it to the website, giving credit to the source. Also, if you have more information about any of the playing cards on the website, please let me know. Collectively we have a lot more knowledge than any single one of us has.

This website is authored by Kevin Roche, a long-time Coca-Cola memorabilia collector who now focuses almost exclusively on playing cards. But the author’s collection and knowledge of Coca-Cola’s playing cards would not be possible without the help of many other people, including but not limited to Rodger Robinson, Al Wilson, Walt Penick, Bruce Jacobs, Rodney Neat, Dave Gilbert, Allan Petretti, Marty Weinberger, Thom Thompson, Gary Metz, Bateman & Schaefer, and many others to whom I apologize for not specifically mentioning or whose contributions I may have overlooked. I would like to give a special thanks to Matthew Schacht for all his invaluable assistance.

I do continue to buy and sell Coca-Cola playing cards, collections, decks, and singles, but mostly at this point I am interested in older and more unusual cards. I can be reached at [email protected].

“Coca-Cola”, “Coke” and similar names and phrases are registered trademarks of The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia.